Okay so there was a situation where someones island because so laggy or over powered that the island may have gotten corrupted and is causing server crashes, to avoid that I want to talk about some things to keep in mind.

We like to keep things laid back at HydroX, dont want to force rule after rule down your throats. Which is why, as you should know, there aren't rules regarding reactor size, or how many of a certain machine you can use. There was a time which there were rules for that but they were done away with.
Meaning there arent rules but there are some loose guidelines you should follow when playing SF3 on our server.

Extreme Reactors
To start, you do not need a 1 billion rf/t reactor, it may be cool and fun to make but it certainly isn't necessary.
Before you begin creating your reactor I encourage you to use this extreme reactors simulator. It's a free and accurate way to see what size reactor will produce what amount of energy, it also tells you how much of each resource you need broken down.

Once you're at the place to know what size reactor you are going to do to make the most efficient reactor (bigger may mean better but in this case it doesn't mean best).
Here is a list of things you can use as coolant in your reactor,
List on reddit
It's ranked worst to best, few things on that list may not be accessible on our server but for the most part the list is accurate. I personally make a 9x9x9 (interior) reactor with a checker board pattern for the fuel rods, and use Manyullyn as the coolant since it's one of the best.

Just keep in mind when you make your reactor bigger may mean better but not best.

Garden Cloches
Now GC's are near crucial to advancing in SF3 in my opinion, they farm resources for you and its not expensive or resource consuming.
When you start your GC farm making 200 cloches for inferium seeds may be fun to do, or good for bragging rights but again its not necessary. I generally make 64 Garden Cloches which is more than plenty, I think 80-90 GC would be the cap because if everyone has 90+ GC's running then the server becomes laggy. There are 45 seeds in mystical agriculture (if I remember correctly) meaning if you made 64 cloches you would have 19 left over. you could just use the 19 left over cloches to make more of what you need.
I usually make most to all the seed and swap out what I need more of at different times, then work on a different mod while I wait for the GC's to do their thing.
Again you do not 200+ Cloches and should not attempt to make them.

If you have any question about anything I talked about or any other questions on efficiency on SF3 you can just reply to this thread and myself or another staff member will assist you.
Make sure you also join the Discord because a lot more discussion about mods and different ways to do things are always happening there