To buy from a shop, simply walk into the stall and run the command /shop browse. The following will appear (except you won't see Manager)

Stock Number

Buy Price- How much you can buy ONE unit for.

Sell Price- How much you can sell ONE unit for.

To buy or sell, CLICK on the underlined text and you will be asked to type in chat the amount.

If the shop Balance is too low, you will not be able to sell items (if even allowed) to it.

Sign Shops

To make a sign shop, simply hold the item you want to use and run:

/shop buy/sell price amount, then place a sign with space below it for a chest.

e.g /shop sell 1 1 (I'm holding cobblestone) When I place down a sign, people can SELL cobblestone to YOU for $1 each.

e.g /shop buy 1 64 (I'm holding stone) When I place down a sign, people can BUY stone from YOU, $1 for 64 stone.

You can restock your shop by putting items in the chest. When people sell to you, the items will appear in the chest.


To get a shop, simply ask a Head-Admin or higher (for now just ask KingKappa)

Once you have been given your shop, walk into it and do the command /shop browse to see the following:

The following commands require you to hold one of the item you wish to edit:

To add new items to the list do /shop item create.

To stock that item, hold it and do /shop item add.

To remove stock do /shop item remove, to remove the item from the shop do /shop item destroy (or click the underlined Remove on the Manager page.

To change the Buy or Sell price for your store, click Manager.

To change the Buy or Sell price, just click the underlined part of text.

To clarify; the first number is the stock number, after that is how much ONE unit of the item will be sold for, the second item is optional- how much YOUR store will BUY the item for.

Click Owner:

From here, you can add managers (who can only add or remove STOCK), deposit money into the shop to allow people to sell items to you. Options are available to change the store name, Owner and also destroy listings.